jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Dragon Ball Papercrafts

These models ARE NOT created by me, all credit goes to each designer. I link directly to their homepage. I just do these to gather them all so they are easier to find.

Estos modelos NO creados por mi, todo el crédito va para sus diseñadores. Pongo el link directamente a la pagina de cada uno. Solo hago esto para reunirlos en un mismo lugar y así son mas fáciles de encontrar.

Papercraft letters. Punched out font.

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Paperpokés - Pokémon Papercrafts: GRANBULL

Granbull are purple bulldog-like Pokémon that are capable of standing upright. Their most notable feature is their particularly pronounced lower jaws. If eclipsed by its more prominent lower jaws, Granbull also has two small fangs visible on its upper jaw. Granbull's ears are flat and curved in surface, and their nose is black. They also have a black collar around their neck with two small white patterns on it, and two band-like black markings on their arms.

Victini by Sabi96

Victini is a small, rodent-like Pokémon. Its large, pointed ears are shaped like the letter V, possibly in reference to its name or the generation it was introduced in. Victini's eyes are large for the size of its head, and are blue. Its round head is comparatively large for its small body, and cream-colored, while the tops of its ears, crest, and extremities are all orange. Its bulbous arms and legs are rounded to make a sort of "cuff" before ending with small, three-fingered hands and two-toed feet. Victini's two winglike tails grant it the ability to fly.